Golden Venetian Lenormand. Unique Oracle cards Inspired by the History of Venetian Carnival.
Golden Venetian Lenormand:
- 54 card deck gold gilded in the luxury box, accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by authors and
- book with detailed descriptions and explanations about each card, its combinations and some spreads.
The size of cards 2.75” x 4.33” (70 mm x 110 mm). On art paper 350 gm.
First edition June 2019 - only 600 ex.
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This one of a kind card deck based on the tradition of the "Game of Hope" and “Petit Lenormand”, however, differs in nuances of storyline, number of cards in the deck and peculiarities in the work with spreads. Usually the “Petit Lenormand” deck consists of 36 cards with images and playing cards symbols that are understandable for every person. However, the name of Mlle. Lenormand was so popular that in the 19th century, publishers as well as soothsayers appropriated her name to various fortune-telling systems that consisted of different numbers of cards. 
Therefore, we have decided to supplement the set of 36 well-known symbols with another 16 cards taken from the most famous Oracles in Europe of the 19th century and 2 Jokers. You can use this deck for fortune-telling both in the set with 54 cards for special spreads and at the same time, in the usual format of 36 cards for well-known spreads. 
Iconographic materials of the life in Venice in 16th-18th centuries were used when working at the cards. The main idea involves famous Venetian masks worn by all the characters in the deck. This allows appreciating the epoch and provides freedom for imagination promoting multilayer perception.  
Playing Cards 19th Century Gatteaux Paris Pattern was used for the playing card miniature.
The Golden Venetian Lenormand deck is bright, full of colors, everyday masquerades and mise-en-scenes, that expands and deepens the usual symbolism of cards and lifts the veil on some aspects of human life.
Venetian Tarot Carnival continues in Golden Venetian Lenormand!