Money Tarot cards for business and financial Tarot Reading based on various world currencies.
The money Tarot is a 79 cards deck gold gilded and companion book in the luxury box, accompanied by the certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by author.
The size of cards 2.7 "x 4.7" (70mm x 120 mm). On art paper 350 GM.
Printed in 2018 in small Edition, only 500 ex.
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This is a unique and magic Tarot deck based on various world currencies. Many of banknotes are no longer in circulation, but in their history we can feel incredible energy and strength-the power of money. They are full of mystical meaning and signs laid down by their creators.
The money Tarot is unique and ideal Tarot cards for readings on financial and business situations. It also works great as a magic deck.
The important side of the interpretation of these cards is not only standard following rider Waite, intuitive goal. Because by themselves, the money has a huge energetic potential. You should work with these cards using your mind, emotional and spiritual energy, even I would say meditate, and this will give a result in a cards understanding and contact with the deck.
We handle the banknotes every day, and probably imagine that we know them reasonably well. We look at them, but most of us don't really pay that much attention to them.
Since you're probably more concerned with what they're worth, you could be forgiven for glossing over the details on the notes themselves. But every note has been meticulously designed to tell a story using the tiny details which cover them and which you probably never noticed before.
In recent years, there has been more and more news about certain symbolic images or messages found in currencies all over the world. Uncovering secrets and learning a symbols is like treasure hunting in history class. taking time to discern the designs that graphic artists work so hard to create can definitely be rewarding too, as it brings the observer satisfaction in having greater knowledge. The meaning of the symbolism is so deep, the metaphors so multi-layered, and each element so precisely placed.
It is commonly known now, more so than ever before, that the banknotes was designed largely by men with a philosophy grounded in the occult and had secret knowledge.
Few understand that the banknote is a unit of magical energy.
All these facts should cause all to examine more carefully, and learn to appreciate, the complex mystical qualities of the money that so many of us take for granted.
Scottish philosopher John law wrote in his 1705 book, money and trade considered with a proposal for supplying the nation with money, that he had discovered the "philosopher's stone" of the alchemists, which could purportedly turn lead into gold, or dross into something valuable. The key to Alchemy, he said, was the printing of paper money. The power of money to transform almost any thing or situation into another is similar to the alchemical power of the so-called "universal agent" or "philosopher's stone", and the Act of turning paper into banknote is like turning lead into gold.
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