Tarot of Forbidden Dreams based on the wonderful ancient erotic pieces of art, mainly 17th - 19th c.
Tarot of Forbidden Dreams. Divination Tarot Cards. Tarot Card Deck for Tarot Reading based on the wonderful ancient erotic pieces of art, mainly 17th - 19th centuries. Contain mature materials.
78 cards deck red gilded and companion book in the luxury box, accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by authors. Rider Waite Hierarchy.
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The Tarot cards, ancient or modern, always contain elements of love and erotic. Over the centuries, Tarot cards were taking on increasingly philosophical and sacral meaning, but have not lost their traits of play, entertainment and enjoyment. And the more they were used as a predictive tool, the more often they were asked questions, more and more intimate and nuanced.  
We were pondering for a long time over the question - in what form should we embody such a delicate and tricky subject. Indeed, though Eros and sex are important to everyone, people do not always talk about them openly. And in matters of love, especially bodily love, there are a lot of taboos. Therefore, we decided to call our deck “Tarot of Forbidden Dreams”. 
Among the modern Tarot decks, there are today already many erotic ones. And they are amazing. The need for them is understandable. As professional Tarot-readers we can say that according to statistics, 80 percent of questions asked to Tarot pertain to love and sexual relations. 
The deck “Tarot of Forbidden Dreams” is built on grounds of the European erotic miniature of the 17-19 centuries. It takes into account the 25 years of experience in reading the Tarot in the matters of love and sex. And also the opportunity to illustrate this sphere of life in a light and very beautiful form of an ancient erotic drawing. 
In the times when there were no Internet and television, they loved, enjoyed, and found themselves in awkward, funny, dramatic and very pleasant situations of a sexual nature, just as we do it today. And just as we do it today, they tried to lift the veil of prohibition on bodily love, depicting it in amusing and elegant drawings.
Even you don’t see the conventional Rider Waite images on the cards, they have a strong connection with the traditional meanings. Which will be explained in the booklet.
Thank you for choosing my creation!
Eugene Vinitski
First edition September 2019 - only 500 ex.
All card decks have the Certificate numbered and signed by the authors and have an individual number in the order from 1 to 500.
New, original and rare cards selling by author.
The size of cards 2.7" x 4.7" (70mm x 120mm). On art paper 350 gm.
Dimensions of the box 5.1 x 3.1 x 2.4 inches
Please note that:
- the buyer is responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.
- damages to the cards that wouldn't reasonably impact a tarot reading as minor scuff marks, or scratches will not be replaced.
- harsh shuffling and handling of the cards could wear down the gilding.